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La Mission

Dolores Park Typical Afternoon The Mission Burrito Mission Victorians Balmy Alley

The mission district is located close to the very heart of San Francisco. It is one of the city’s most diverse neighborhoods, home to many young professionals and the hipster population, with dozens of micro-neighborhoods located inside of it. Here you can find a new aged art scene, with local artists showcasing their work both in galleries and on sidewalks. Buildings are decorated with murals in and out of every alley way, and graffiti is bursting with color, vibrancy, and underlying messages and themes. Balmy Alley and Clarion Alley are two of the most notable mural dense alleys in the entire neighborhood. As far as shopping, alongside the many boutiques you will find, the area is also famous for its numerous thrift stores. You’ll never know what you could find on a sunny Saturday afternoon at Mission Thrift or Out of the Closet. The mission has also always had a strong Latin presence. This is in terms of music, culture, and of course, food. The Mission Burrito was originated in the Mission District of San Francisco, and all of its dozen+ taquerias are all worth trying out more than once. Some of our favorites include La Combre and El Farlito’s.

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North Beach

Columbus Street Life on Broadway The Condor Famous NorthBeach Pizza

San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood is in the Northeast, neighboring China Town, Fisherman’s Warf, and Russian Hill. The area is the city’s “Little Italy” and is historically home to the Italian American population and culture. Sure, the area is known for its party scene (i.e. famous strip clubs/lounges/dance clubs) which may or may not tickle your fancy, but it is also dense and lively with history. North Beach was the center of the historic Beatnik culture, which still beats today though storytelling murals and the City Lights Bookstore, the old hangout spot for the likes of beatnik poet greats Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac. The very top of Broadway Street provides a perfect city view looking downhill at the Bay Bride during any time of day or night.

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SOMA - South of Market

Market Street Sunset Yerba Buena at night Yerba Buena Park South Park Circle

SOMA, located just south of Market Street, is one of San Francisco’s larger districts. You could find it all here, from high end museums to hidden quaint and quiet green parks. Alongside the nightclubs, warehouses, loft apartments, and plethora of technology companies such as Twitter, Foursquare, Yelp, BitTorrent, and Wired, there are also plenty of attractions and shopping centers. The Museum of Modern Art, Contemporary Jewish Museum, Cartoon Art Museum, and the Old Mint are all located throughout SOMA. Yerba Buena Gardens and the newly renovated Metreon, where you could catch a movie and a great dinner are all within walking distance from one another. Across the street is a classically restored Merry Go Round, bowling alley and year round Ice Skating Rink.

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The Marina

Yatch and Ferry Boats Marina Homes Palace of Fine Arts Umami Burger Union Street

The Marina district is home to San Francisco’s most famous sights and sounds, known for its upscale beautiful ocean side streets and docks. It is home to many twenty to thirty something year old affluent young professionals who take up nearly half of its population, as well as its older affluent elderly generation. Here, you can find the world famous Palace of Fine Arts, the only building standing in its original location after the 1915 Exposition fairgrounds. The area is a favorite location for locals and tourists, and weddings/wedding photos. Chestnut Street and Union Street are the two main commercial streets in the neighborhood, dotted with upscale boutiques and restaurants, as well as whatever the trendiest health fad is at the moment.

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