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Delicious Places To Eat

The beautiful city of San Francisco is known to be very diverse, providing the opportunity to many tourist to try different food cultures that are made by San Franciscan natives. San Francisco provides local transportation that makes it easy to reach all this wonderful food destinations that San Francisco has to offer.

Huli Huli is one popular place for its incredible chicken
and beef.HULI means turn, the meat is turned over constantly to be able to lock in those natural juices.
The main meal comes with steam rice,pasta,vegetables and dont forget to ask for the house souce extremely complimenting
with your meal. HULI HULI also provides shaved ice cones with different tropical flavors very tasteful and specially wanted during those hot summer days.

4100 3rd St
San Francisco, CA 94124
b/t Hudson Ave & Innes Ave
Bayview-Hunters Point
For more information about HuliHuli
$ Phone:(415) 970-1990

The famous double-double at IN-N-OUT is a burger
that a lot of IN-N-OUT fans enjoy to eat.
This burger brings double patty's making it extra delicious dont
worry let's not forget that IN-N-OUT takes pride
in serving non-GMO products compare to other burger joints.
Another popular order at IN-N-OUT are the animal fries which
are served with their famous spread.

333 Jefferson St
San Francisco, CA 94133
b/t Jones St & Leavenworth St
Fisherman's Wharf
For more information about IN-N-OUT
$ Phone:(800) 786-1000

Benihana is the place where you can see your chef
cooking in front of you. Is very interesting and fun
to experience seeing your chef cooking and putting a show
for you. The food is very fresh and the people their are very
friendly.For the adults Benihana offeres a seperate bar area
with a wide selection of drinks away from the dinning
tables and all the noise for those who want more privacy.
1737 Post St
San Francisco, CA 94115
b/t Buchanan St & Webster St
For more information about BENIHANA
$$ Phone:(415) 563-4844

The amazing taste of Mexican food can be found at
Napolito. Napolito takes pride in providing real Mexican flavors by
including all natural organic Mexican ingridients. The chefs at
have years of experience concentrating in making tastefull Mexican food,
sure to not be dissapointed.
306 Broderick St,
San Francisco, CA 94117
b/t Fell St & Oak St
Lower Haight
For more information about Napolito
$$ Phone:(415) 437-0303

Bucca di Beppo is the best Italian restaurant in San Francisco.
The environtment is very Italian influence with many pictures of
people eating all round the walls and smooth relaxing Italian
music that helps you eat peacefully.If you dont feel
like eating right away their is a bar with a big selection of drinks.
855 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
b/t 5th St & Holland Ct
For more information about BUCA DI BEPPO INFO
$$ Phone: (415) 543-7673

The Mission District has an exellent Irish restaurant that provides
a wonderful environment. During Saint Patricks day this place gets
really popular for the reason that it has great food,
drinks and entertainment. The Napper Tandy's has a pool table
and a dart game set to show off your skills
and have a great time.If you enjoy breakfeast brunch is also served in the morning.
3200 24th St
San Francisco, CA 94110
b/t Van Ness Ave & Cypress St
For more information about Napper Tandy's
$$ Phone:(415) 550-7510

Balonpie Cafe is a restaurant where you can watch good soccer
games while you eat Pupusas and platanos fritos(fried bananna).
Pupusas are extremely famous in Central American and also in
San Francisco since it has a high population of Central Americans.
The Pupusa is made out of corn flour and is
usually stuffed with cheese,beans, or different types of meat.
Is definetely different from your usual latin food.
3349 18th St
San Francisco, CA 94110
b/t Van Ness Ave & Capp St
For more information about BALONPIE CAFE
$$ Phone: (415) 648-9199

Their is a lot of compitition regarding chinese food restaurants
in San Francisco some very good and other just simple
untasteful which makes it hard to pick the right one.
HAKKASAN is definetely one of the best Chinese restaurant located
in the Financial District for its elegance and it's proffesional service.
The restaurant is perfect for a date or a family
night out that will no dough will be talked about the next day.
1 Kearny St
San Francisco, CA 94108
Financial District
Union Square
For more information about HAKKASAN
$$$ Phone:(415) 829-8148

Masswa is Ethiopian food that contains a lot of vegeatbles,
beans and some meat if preffered. The lamb is to die
for is well prepared.Everyone is very friendly and welcoming
making sure your getting what you want. If you dont
know what you would like to get they have great
suggestion that most likely will satisfy your hunger.
532 Green St
San Francisco, CA 94133
b/t Jasper Pl & Bannam Pl
North Beach
For more information about MASSAWA
$$ Phone:(415) 621-4129

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