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Historic Sites Then and Now

Visual Tour of Past to Present

San Francisco may have the beauty and wonder of a modern city but it does hold some rather intreaging sites which have been around for over 100 years which are worth taking a tour of. Most of these sites are even free but I will be hard to not spend money at some of them. Some of these sites are well known and others are lesser know. Below are pictures of historic maps and locations which still exist today:

Here's how big San Francisco was in 1853 compaired to today.

This is a more detialed view from 1878. As you can see the layout of the streets is basicaly the same as today in this area.

This is the Ferry Building when it opened in 1898 and how it looks today.

Here is the Palace of Fine Arts in 1915 and how it looks today.

Here is a main avenue in China Town, Grant Ave, in the past and how it looks today.

Here is an old picture of the Mission San Francisco de Asis, older than San Francisco its self, compaired with it today.

Seen here is the Cliff House around 1900 compaired to the Cliff House today.

This is the Golden Gate Bridge in 1933 compaired with the bridge today.

Seen here is how Golden Gate Park looked in 1892, 1938, and now today.

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